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Blackjack Sniper is a blackjack training game for Windows
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Blackjack Sniper is a blackjack training game for Windows. It is actually a sort of card counting application, but it does a good job of giving you tips on where to stand and where to get hit by another card. The application works like this: you tell it what the first card that you got on your first hand was, and then start adding the following cards to the interface, at a certain point, you will either stand or go over 21. When you do that it is time to go to the Dealer's cards (those have to be counted as well). After a few hands, the application will have counted several cards and will have a good idea of what your next cards might be and what the dealer's hand will be like. Thus, it will tell you to either get hit strong or just be patient and stand. There are some advanced options, too, but they are disabled in the demo of the application. Also, the demo has quite a few limitations. You can only try the application for 60 minutes or 20 hands, whatever comes first. It should be noted that counting cards is probably illegal in most casinos and it could get you into trouble. Learning how to play the game, though, well, there is nothing wrong about that.

José Fernández
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  • Smart way to learn the game


  • Using this can be illegal
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